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Internet of Trust

At the dawn of Web 3.0, it is essential to develop solutions for digital identity protection, to ensure that all web users can navigate within an Internet of Trust.

To allow you a better control over your data, XSL Labs offers a decentralized identifier that will secure your personal data and pave the way for Self-Sovereign Identity.

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Each year, data theft costs more than 3000 billion dollars to the world economy because of vulnerable centralized databases.


ONE is a decentralized app that enables users to control and manage the Secure Digital Identity.


It is a new generation of app stores; the gateway to all future decentralized apps. In the SYL Library, you will find all dApps and dApp extensions developed on the SYL ecosystem.

DApp extensions pave the way for an ever more coherent and interconnected Internet. The great adaptability that app extensions offer will enhance synergies between innovations.

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