December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas


2022. New foundations

Your holiday gift has arrived! We have good news on the progress of XSL Labs’ development, which will enter its public deployment phase in 2022.

MyDID, the birth of our brand

Last month, XSL Labs finalized the registration of the MyDID brand in Europe, with extensions underway for other countries.

As of February 2022, our future communication will be done through this brand.

This name, more effective and comprehensible internationally, reflects our desire to position ourselves as a major player in decentralized identity, at the service of its users.

New logo, new pictogram

We present you the new logo as well as our new pictogram, these two elements are to be used in separate ways. The complete graphic charter is in progress.

New communication

The future website “” as well as other communication channels will be available at the time of our launch for Q1 2022.

After a rigorous selection process, we chose to be accompanied by the consulting and communication agency MarsatWork as of October 2021.

Our major news will be published in press releases and soon, we will announce our first appearances at trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and international events.

New European establishment

The administrative procedures in our field of activity are always long, but the establishment of our new European headquarters is going well and, of course, it will bear the name of MyDID.

New offices, new recruits

Our technical team will move in January in brand new offices, ideally located between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence where we should be able to find the right balance between remote and face-to-face work. New recruits are underway.

Among others, are joining us:


Full Stack Developer

Alexandre DUTRES

Flutter / Mobile Application Developer

Note: in accordance with our roadmap, we have started to open the code of our demonstrators and our first npm library:

New weekly updates

To regularly inform the community about our progress, our work, but also our possible problems encountered, a communication (primarily technical even if other points may appear) will be made every weekend.

Our first post will be on our innovative solution of decentralized biometric terminal.

New audits

New security audits will be performed in Q1 2022 on our software libraries, demo web services, first smart contracts and mobile applications.

New support

Our support is known for its reactivity, we have opted for a migration to a professional helpdesk that will allow us to meet our future needs such as technical support tickets, leads and partnership discussions.

Renewed thanks

Going from a team focused on the promotion of an ICO to the administrative and technical structuring of a team that develops the first bricks of our solutions was not easy… but we do not forget that nothing would have been possible without the trust of our community! Thank you for your support! We are still at the beginning of the adventure; we look forward to a very busy year in 2022. Have a great holiday season!

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