September 4, 2021

Benefits Multi Secure Digital Identity


Protect and isolate your digital identity with the Multi SDI

XSL Labs is developing a decentralized digital identity (Secure Digital Identity) to ensure better control of personal data and prevent identity theft on the Internet.

The SDI acts as a real identity card that can be used on many online services. We have already mentioned its particular interest in the context of social networks, where it allows to ensure the authenticity of accounts and profiles, or in the context of video games (1) where its interests are multiple for players: secure authentication, performance monitoring, competition results, isolation of cheaters, and more.

In an increasingly digital world, the SDI could also facilitate business processes by allowing a recruiter to check the references of their interviewees or a company to authenticate itself in the context of a customer process.

When using the SDI and verifiable references (2), no identity data is stored or transmitted in clear text on the blockchain, regardless of the public blockchain used. The smart contract stores the SDI documents containing some of the users’ public keys as well as some digital fingerprints to make their timestamps reliable. The personal information is only available locally in the users’ wallet application.

The wallet user can thus share at his convenience the information strictly necessary to the different services requested (while keeping a history of these consents). However, since the SDI identifier is the common information of the various isolated references, the cross-checking of information, even non-sensitive information, could constitute a risk for the users that must be mitigated.

On the Internet, this risk of cross-checking exists at the level of private companies, administrations and individual investigators. On an individual basis, good practices require, in particular, the strict separation of personal and professional identities, or the use of one or more different pseudonyms that are strictly dissociated.

It is important to understand that the concept of e-reputation, which was born in the 1990s, goes beyond the commercial domain: today, the information that we leave on the Internet can be used by other network users. For example, it is commonly accepted that many companies nowadays scrutinize the social networks of their candidates, and can use such information to refine their recruitment.

XSL Labs minimizes these risks of cross-checking by offering a wallet capable of managing different SDI identifiers through the wallet application called ONE. Users can thus split their digital identities according to their needs and their level of awareness of personal data protection. The link between all the SDIs will be managed automatically in ONE as the identity wallet and therefore only on the user’s side.

This opportunity offered to the user is a logical addition to the ecosystem we are developing to assert tomorrow everyone’s sovereignty over their data as well as their right to protect their identity on the Internet and to preserve their privacy. In the Internet of trust that we are building, your data belongs to you, your identity is protected.

(1) See our article ( or our video ( dedicated to gaming.

(2) For more information on verifiable references:

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