August 20, 2021



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To engage in a communication of trust and transparency, XSL Labs has decided to contact and share its documentation with Xangle.

Xangle is an information aggregator platform that aims to solve the issue about information imbalance in the crypto market, by offering in-depth studies as well as a progressive rating of projects. As of this day, about sixty projects and tokens have been reviewed and presented online for potential investors as well as to a variety of exchanges. In fact, more and more exchanges, especially in the Asian continent, rely on Xangle’s analysis to consider listing a token on their platform.

Exchanges have difficulties performing themselves due diligences on project and as such rely on Xangle reports to maintain a high level of trust in order to operate smoothly. We aim, through our collaboration with Xangle, to facilitate the listing of SYL.

We reached out to Xangle in June to get more information about their services, and then undertook to put together material for them to study XSL Labs project over the summer. To this day, they have given us very encouraging feedback, which we would like to mention here:

Xangle believes that decentralized identifiers sector is a promising one, with a growing market supported by blockchain technology. While our project is still under development, the first trials of the SDI as well as the alpha tests of ONE conducted at this very moment are very encouraging. Finally, our previous technical and legal audits confirm strength of our project.

SYL ratings, meanwhile, indicate excellent token distribution, as well as a large number of holders, and SYL’s liquidity monitoring highlights the importance of our escrow account going forward.

XSL Labs will be rated in November, which will be available to the public. It will be an important benchmark in building relationships with new exchanges for SYL, particularly in the Asian market.

Thereafter, an update will be made every three months by Xangle, to reflect the evolution of the project.

XSL Labs’ future is linked to our progress on our roadmap. Our solution is not yet commercialized, and development will continue for several months and even years to come. We are looking forward to proving ourselves in this nascent market, and are doing everything we can to gain visibility.

As soon as the full Xangle report is available in November, we will discover it together.

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