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Interoperability will be an essential element in tomorrow’s Internet.

XSL Labs will give all dApp and dApp extension’s developers the opportunity to use its ecosystem to imagine a digital world working in complete synergy.

All dApps and dApp extensions available in the SYL Library will be interoperable and the innovations of the different services will benefit from each other, in order to provide the user with the experience of an ever more coherent and interconnected system.

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Interoperability will be a key element of tomorrow's Internet

The synergy of innovations

This is why XSL Labs will propose to all dApp and dApp extension’s developers to use its ecosystem as a source allowing them to design a digital world working in perfect synergy.

In this coherent and interconnected system, each element may be used as a base to build others thanks to the interoperability of the dApps and dApp extensions available in the SYL Library.

DApp extensions will be able to enrich both the dApps in the ecosystem and those of external suppliers.

There are many possible applications for these extensions:

Will be a dApp extension that will create links between players in a local economy and connect businesses to consumers. Thanks to its use of SDI, all users will be able to keep control of their private data.

Is another dApp extension that will allow everyone to share their consumption and lifestyle habits, if they wish it and only the elements they choose to share, in exchange for payment. Cortex will then be able to anonymously transmit this data, thanks to the SDI, to companies that may be interested in approaching the user. The latter will be able to fully decide what he wishes to keep confidential while taking advantage of what he is willing to share.

Community apps and dating sites are another example of the many possibilities that dApp extensions will offer. If a dating site wants its users to be able to verify the identity of one of their interlocutors, it will be able to use the SDI and allow all its customers to benefit from a secure service.

All these examples show the possible synergies of these services and their perfect interoperability. The SYL ecosystem will enable as many different services as can be imagined.

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