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The centralization of apps makes them easier to hack as well as your personal data. In addition, it allows app providers to exercise full control over the user and the developer, who are then subject to his authorization to use his service.
Decentralized apps, also known as “dApps”, are the solution.
ONE is one of them. It will enable interoperability between all services in the ecosystem and will be entirely decentralized to enable direct and secure exchanges between users.
ONE will provide access to the entire Internet of Trust in a single dApp.

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Most of the apps we use are centralized apps. They are stored on one or more central servers, thus making it much easier to hack them as well as the personal data of their users.

Decentralized applications (dApps)

Furthermore, since all decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of the app provider, the latter exercises total control over the freedom of access of users to its services.

However, a positive evolution is taking shape thanks to distributed ledger technology, which has given rise to a new type of app: “dApps”, or “Decentralized applications”. ONE will be one of these decentralized apps. It will enable interoperability between all services using our decentralized identifier: the SDI. One of the many advantages of this decentralized app is that it will not require a central authority to operate and will therefore allow direct and unimpeded exchanges between users.

ONE will have various management tools: a SDI control panel, a digital asset wallet, a history of the user’s interactions and a gateway to our decentralized app store, the SYL Library. All data shared through ONE will be stored and encrypted on a blockchain, giving the user optimal data protection. This dApp will be the path to the Internet of Trust.

This service will be useful and desirable to many companies

One will allow access to services while ensuring user data protection. For example, if a dating app wants to protect its users, it may use the SDI for this purpose. In this case, it will have to develop an extension of its app directly in ONE. After which its users will directly benefit from a considerable improvement in identity protection and security. They will be able to choose what data they wish to share and be certain that the identity of the person they are interacting with has been verified.
This extension will be accessible directly from our decentralized app store: the SYL Library.


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