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ONE is a decentralized app that enables users to control and manage the Secure Digital Identity. It allows interoperability between all the services in the ecosystem, and it is entirely decentralized to enable direct and secure exchanges between users.

ONE is be the gateway to the entire Internet of Trust in a single app.

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Most of the apps we use are centralized apps. They are stored on one or more central servers, thus making it much easier to hack them as well as the personal data of their users.

Decentralized applications (dApps)

ONE is the decentralized app of the XSL Labs ecosystem. It guarantees users’ sovereignty over their digital identity and allows them to easily manage it.

The decentralization of this app means that it is not dependent on any third-party authority. It therefore eliminates all intermediaries that could potentially exercise control over users. This dApp enables interoperability of all services that will use the SDI.

ONE includes a control panel for the SDI, which is set up in such a way that at any time, when a third party wishes to access information concerning the SDI user, a notification is sent directly to the user with the possibility for him to accept or not the diffusion of the requested information. Thus, no more identity data of a user can be consulted or used without his explicit consent via the app.

In addition, each time a data is broadcasted, the nature of the data, the recipient and the date and time of the broadcast are recorded in a history that can be consulted at any time by the user.

This identity information is available in an identity wallet within the app containing all Verifiable Credentials that have been issued by trusted third parties to the user.

ONE also has a wallet to manage the user’s SYL tokens and their exchange.

This service will be useful and desirable to many companies

ONE also offers the management of KYC protocol, Know Your Customer, and a turnkey Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution which aims to considerably reduce the costs in terms of time and money for companies and financial institutions that are subject to these legal requirements.

ONE is the perfect gateway to XSL Labs’ solution and the Internet of Trust.
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