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Centralizing your digital identity in insecure databases makes your personal data increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.
In order to prevent this issue, XSL Labs will offer you a fully decentralized Secure Digital Identifier, called SDI. With blockchain technology, your personal data will be encrypted and distributed in numerous servers in order to make it impossible for a third party to crack your data.
With the SDI, you will be able to control access to your personal data, view your interactions’ history and enjoy more safely the many services that the Internet of tomorrow will offer.

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Identifiers are composed of all elements of an identity that allow the recognition of a user on the Internet. The issue of data storing is pertinent: in most cases, this data is located in central, insecure and hackable databases. It is necessary to provide solutions to this issue.

We have a solution

At XSL Labs, we will provide a secured and decentralized digital identifier called SDI (Secure Digital Identity). The advantages of this solution will be multiple: it will allow to protect personal data thanks to its decentralization but also to control the use made of it, to review the history of its diffusion and to have access to all the services which will be offered in the Internet of tomorrow. SDI’s interoperability will allow total access to an Internet of Trust, without ever being restricted to a single network.
The SDI will be associated with another tool in perfect synergy, the KYC. KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is the name given to the process that ensures the authenticity of identity’s data given by a person.

It will be possible to use three types of SDI:

A temporary SDI

Allowing quick access to a service and to the advantages it offers. It will generally contain only one piece of identity data and its validation will have to be carried out quickly in order to make the most of the service’s potential.


An unverified SDI

Which will not require a validated KYC. It will provide a complete and encrypted decentralized digital identity. A multitude of services will then be offered to the user while keeping control over his personal data. Any use of his data will require the user’s consent, which will greatly reduce the propagation of his digital identity on the Internet. His digital identity will be decentralized but not yet verified. Identity verification allows us to be certain that a user is indeed who they claim to be. For this, it is necessary to take a last step in order to fully access the Internet of Trust.

A verified SDI

Which will require a validated KYC. It will provide a verifiable and decentralized digital identity. The user will then be able to prove his identity to his interlocutor and choose which data his interlocutors will be allowed to see. In addition to protecting his data, the user will be able to verify the authenticity of the identity of his contacts.

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