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SYL Library

App stores are usually centralized platforms listing together apps intended for the general public. Their centralization gives the person who manages them full power to control which apps get listed or to change its terms of use.

The SYL Library will be a fully decentralized dApps and dApp extensions store.
Everyone will be free to offer their service in SYL Library on the condition that they ensure its protection by participating in the decentralization of the network and by using the SDI. SYL Library will also offer dApp extensions for ONE and its counterparts.

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SYL Library will be a fully decentralized store of dApps and dApps extensions where each developer can propose his service. Thanks to their synergy with the SDI, these dApps will grant the user access to the Internet of Trust.

Building services for the Internet of Trust

App stores are centralized online platforms that bring together multiple apps for the general public. Their centralization again raises problems: as with centralized apps, power is concentrated in the hands of a third party who can arbitrarily accept or exclude an app or change the terms of use of its platform. If we want the advent of a true Internet of Trust, this approach is impossible.

SYL Library, on the other hand, will be a fully decentralized store of dApps and dApp extensions. The conditions of access to the platform will be the following: it will be necessary to have a node on the network in order to participate in its decentralization and it will be necessary to use the SDI in order to protect its users. These conditions will be immutable and Smart Contract will automate access.

All the services will be, at first, purchased directly in SYL or in Euro. Access to the services and the advantages they will offer will be facilitated by the inclusion of a SYL wallet in ONE, through which transactions will be carried out.

SYL Library will list independent dApps and also dApp extensions for ONE.

Thanks to their interoperability, any developer will be able to use the tools already present in the ecosystem as a solid base for inventing new ones.

Different examples of possible uses of these extensions are presented in the “Extensions” page.

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